Which type of sauna is best?

Are you thinking of getting the best Sauna for your home? If yes, then you must be perplexed about choosing the suitable variant. There was a time when saunas were a part of bathhouses or gyms. However, because of its popularity, saunas have also infiltrated the living sphere of people. 

Having a sauna bath comes with many benefits. One of the most talked-about benefits of the Sauna is its ability to extract toxins from your body. Hence, let us know a bit more about the different types of Sauna that are available in the market.

The Benefits of Sauna

Before you hop on to know about different types of saunas, we wanted you to understand the positives. Here are some of the benefits that one can get by the regular usage of a sauna:

●      Better blood circulation.

●      Better heart and cardiovascular health.

●      Better muscle health.

●      Enhanced respiratory health.

●      Weight loss with calorie loss.

●      Detoxification of the body, gets rid of heavy metals and other pollutants.

●      Glowing and healthy skin.

●      Reduction of digestive problems.

●      Elevation of stress.

●      Reduces joint pain, especially in older people.

●      Helps to get better sleep.

Types of Sauna

 Yes, you might be thrilled to know that there are different variants of Sauna. Most of us are acquainted with the old traditional saunas or steam rooms. But, as technology has progressed, more variants have entered the market. Here are some of the best options.

Traditional Sauna

This is the Sauna that most of us have known throughout our life. In a traditional sauna, the air of an enclosed room is heated to attain a high temperature. The maximum temperature level for a traditional sauna is around 194º F (90º C). The heat is created by burning wood, coal or gas. A person is supposed to sit in the high temperature and feel the intense heat. 

These saunas are known for its ability to make a person break into a sweat almost instantaneously. Traditional saunas were quite popular when other technologies weren’t around. However, the intense heat of the traditional Sauna is often known for causing heat damage or skin. It may even lead to dehydration. 

So, even physicians advise against options for traditional sauna sessions. Another thing to note about Traditional saunas is that they cost a lot more to run and maintain. Traditional saunas come with a 30-40 minutes initial wait time for the room to reach the perfect temperature. 

Steam Saunas

Japan is a country that is famous for its steam baths and saunas. There was a time when they used to bath in the naturally heated water found in volcanic areas. Steam saunas are known for its ability to clear toxins for your body, and it does give you a glowing skin. 

In a steam sauna room, heat is used to vaporize water that turns into steam. The humidity and heat make a person sweat, a good way to expel harmful elements from their body. 

A steam sauna is also suitable for people who suffer from frequent chest congestions as the steam helps to clear out the mucus membranes. However, steam saunas aren’t recommended for people with sensitive skin. Steam can often lead to rashes or breakouts in people who cannot handle high heat.

Dry Saunas

As you may guess by its name, dry saunas are ‘dry’, unlike traditional or steam saunas. This is a relatively new technology, and it is also suitable for people who cannot tolerate the intense heat of other saunas. 

The maximum temperature for a dry sauna is around 140º F or 60º C. You will feel your heartbeat rising on entering a dry sauna. It targets you internally rather than just focusing on the outer body. Dry saunas have been linked with several benefits, such as alleviating pain in sufferers of rheumatic diseases, better cardiovascular health, as well as better muscle health. 

Even though a low temperature is maintained, the dry Sauna can rake up your metabolism to break you into a sweat. Dry environments are also great for those who cannot tolerate too much humidity. When you couple dry sauna with regular exercise, the journey of weight loss becomes smooth and manageable. You must remember that a dry sauna’s initial cost might be a little higher compared to other variants of Saunas.

Infrared or Far-infrared Saunas

Welcome to one of the newest technologies of the best saunas. Infrared or near-infrared saunas help give you the same benefits as a traditional sauna without making you go through its pain. Safe infrared rays are used to target your body’s interior to fix the problems from its core. 

The temperature range maintained in an infrared sauna is 120º F to 150º F or 48º C to 65º. So, even though the experience is warm, it won’t lead to red burns on your skin. You may even feel a more vigorous sweat as the infrared rays begin to break down the toxins. 

The infrared Sauna is often compared to that of proper cardiovascular exercise , and both of them can give near similar results. People can even use infrared saunas for longer sessions compared to traditional saunas. 

One of the best parts of getting infrared saunas is their cost-effectiveness. Near-infrared is a light-based technology, so a person wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on fuel. Yes, the initial cost might be a little more, but it does save your money in the long run. Infrared saunas are also great for those intolerant to the high heat produced in traditional or steam saunas. Infrared saunas are known for giving you great skin by pulling out all the toxins from your body. Far-infrared saunas are also great for those who like to save time. 

One can start bathing as soon as getting into the room without waiting for the environment to heat up.

Which Sauna should you get?

There is no definitive answer to this question. If you are in the market for getting the best type of Sauna, you will need to measure your preferences. Far-infrared and dry saunas have been gaining popularity for the home front. 

If you want to get a sauna for the whole family, then these variants are the best. Yes, they are costly investments, but the outcome is excellent, and they also cost you less in terms of regular investments. 

However, if you are short on budget and want something quick and easy, then traditional or steam saunas also work well. It is essential to research your needs and wants from a sauna. Make sure to focus on the budget and the benefits of a sauna before investing in a single product. We will also advise you to talk with a healthcare professional before settling on a sauna variant.

Are you excited to get your Sauna? We hope that our explanation about the best types of Sauna will help you move in the right direction. Do your research regarding the topic of saunas, and we are sure that you will be able to buy the best Sauna as soon as possible. So, go out and hunt for the device that will make you happy by leaving you all sweaty and toxin-free.

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