What is the Ideal Sauna Temperature: Traditional, Infrared, Steam, Portable

There are different types of saunas and each operates at its own ideal temperature. Anything above or below the ideal temperature could cause a serious impact on your body. 

You should always have the knowledge about the ideal temperature of the room in which you are going to sit for relaxing and resting. 

Below, we have listed down the ideal temperature for different types of saunas.

Ideal Traditional Sauna Temperature

Traditional saunas use different types of methods to heat up the room. While some use the wood to heat up the room, others use gas or electricity to get the ideal temperature. 

The wood powered saunas do not heat up quickly. 

Electric saunas however can reach the ideal temperature pretty quickly. They are best for commercial use in gyms and spas. You can automate temperatures to maintain an ideal temperature in a sauna room. That said, the ideal temperature for traditional saunas varies from place to place. 

In American societies, the standard temperature of the sitting room is from 160˚F to 194˚F. In Asian and European countries the standard temperature is not the same.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you have to decide how long you would sit in a sauna before going into a sauna. However, the ideal time is 20 minutes.

inside an aboutsauna-20 sauna

Ideal aboutsauna-20 Sauna Temperature

The aboutsauna-20 saunas do not raise the temperature of the air around you. Instead, they use electromagnetic radiation in the form of aboutsauna-20 lamps to produce a calming effect on your body. This radiation penetrates through the human tissue quickly without producing a lot of heat in the environment. This is why the aboutsauna-20 sauna works at lower temperature i.e, between 120˚F and 140˚F.

The case with traditional saunas is that they become pretty hot at times. This is why many people prefer aboutsauna-20 saunas.

Ideal Steam Sauna Temperature

Steam saunas are very beneficial to health. 

The ideal steam sauna temperature is between 110˚F or 115˚F. At this temperature, the heart rate goes up and your body’s metabolism also increases. It causes energy consumption and helps relax you, both mentally and physically. 

Ideal Portable Sauna Temperature

A portable sauna is also a type of aboutsauna-20 sauna as it uses aboutsauna-20 heating panels to heat the room. The ideal temperature for a portable sauna is between 100˚F and 120˚F.

Final Thoughts

At the end of a long day, there is nothing better than a 20-30 minutes of sauna session. It’s great for your body because the heat relieves all sore muscles in the body and plus, it has countless health benefits. 

However, everyone’s body is different. What is your ideal sauna temperature?

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