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How I Came to Know About Sauna

I was travelling to Finland and at that time I was having trouble to sleep. So, my Finnish friend recommended me for sauna sessions. Well, I started taking it, on the 7th day I slept like a baby. I instantly fell in love with sauna and started researching about it.

Also, came to find out that Sauna is also effective for stress-induced ill-health, which me and my wife was suffering from. I couldn’t stop learning about the effects of sauna on our health and eventually decided to get one of my own.

Did You Know?

Population of Finland is 5.2 Million and there are 2 million Saunas Available for the country’s people. Scandinavians start using sauna from early childhood.

Learn How to Use Sauna Properly

If you look at the current research about health benefits of Sauna, it is mixed but if you use sauna properly, you may avoid the risks of sauna sessions.

sweating woman inside an infrared sauna

How often should you go to the sauna?

Mark LawrenceMay 3, 20213 min read

Going to the sauna is all about training your body. The first few days of your sauna session might be…

Who Am I?

I am Mark Lawrence and this is my family. I am a fitness enthusiast and sauna lover.

I was plagued with stress-induced ill-health for decades until I decided to put my foot down and made some drastic changes in my lifestyle. Sauna played a huge part in my recovery.

My goal with this website is to provide reviews and useful information so that you don’t have to spend hours looking for the best products for you and your family’s health.

If you are planning to get a sauna for yourself look at my latest research below.

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My Research Process

  1. Market Research: First I go through what is really dominating the Sauna Market.
  2. Users’ Need: What are people looking for and what they want from Sauna.
  3. Testing: After finding a gem of a product, I test it myself beside going through the experiences of existing users.
  4. Ranking: After going through the first 3 steps, I rank them according to their merit.
  5. Reviews: Now, It’s time to write reviews. I try not to miss even the smallest details. Because something small for me may turn out to be the most important thing for you.
  6. Buying Guide: Of course a buying guide is necessary for people who are looking to buy sauna for the first time. So, do not miss them if you are a beginner.

Our Latest Masterpieces

10 Best 2 Person Infrared Saunas

10 Best 2 Person Infrared Saunas

Mark LawrenceJan 11, 2021

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How Sauna Improved Our Health

I was sleep deprived because of my work pressure and my wife was also suffering from back pain. After going for sauna sessions for a month by following all the guidelines my sleep quality improved my wife was almost relieved from back pain.

It is also advisable to follow proper diet and doing basic exercises to improve your health beside using sauna.

I must say only sauna will not make your health problems go away. You also have to pay attention to other aspects.

Busting The Sauna Myths

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Best Sauna Heaters

Best Sauna Rocks – Review and Buying Guide

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Hydrating & Rehydrating for the Sauna

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