How Long Should I Stay In The Sauna?

Saunas are enticing and magical; it makes us feel relaxed after a long day of work, and we just want to spend hours inside a sauna. However, do you think sitting inside a sauna for an hour is feasible? One crucial piece of information about going to a sauna is the ideal duration for it to work.

The internet has given rise to claims where people state that their go-to duration is about an hour. But, that is not the right thing to do. Yes, you do need to spend a certain amount of time in a sauna to make a difference to your body, but it doesn’t need to have an exact number. The most crucial thing that you need to ask is when is the best time to end the sauna session.

Factors Guiding the Length of Sauna Sessions

No, you can’t be inside a sauna according to your fancy. The answer of a strict duration can’t be found as it doesn’t exist. However, we can help you with deciding a duration range that should work better for your body. To make sure that you are using the optimum duration in your sauna sessions, here are some points that are necessary to know.

Type of Sauna

What type of sauna do you have or the club has? The traditional saunas or steam rooms maintain a higher temperature. So, as soon as you enter the sauna room, your whole body jumpstarts into getting into action. Compared to them, the infrared or far-infrared saunas are not heated by an energy source.

These sauna rooms use light to engage the cells in your body. Hence the process ends up taking a bit more time. Simply put, you need to spend less time in a traditional sauna or a steam room compared to the time you spend in an infrared or far-infrared sauna.


This point is related to the above point as the traditional sauna has a higher temperature compared to that of an infrared sauna. As the traditional sauna is warmer, sitting inside it for a long session might do more bad than good. However, the far-infrared saunas heat you up from the inside rather than breaking your skin sweat instantaneously. Hence, you will need to wait for a longer time to feel the change.

As there is a range of temperature settings, the sauna clubs often have their own choice. So, if you are going to a sauna place, ask them about the temperature they follow. It will help you to select the duration accordingly. You should remember that the usual temperature for traditional saunas is around 90-100°C (194-212°F) and for infrared saunas, it is around  48-65°C (120-150°F).

Institutional Rules

Most of us do not have saunas in our homes. So, we will need to visit a gym or a club to use a sauna. Your sauna session lengths will often be guided by the rules that are placed on the members. Most places follow a rule of 15-30 minutes for the convenience of other clients. Make sure to know the rules beforehand and try to follow them as strictly as possible.

Health Issues

You need to talk to a health physician before doing regular sauna sessions. They will guide you to decide on the perfect duration for sauna sessions. Do not feel the need to push yourself into getting a 30-minute sauna session because someone has said it is the best one. Every human being has variable tolerance levels.

Spending unnecessarily long time inside a sauna can cause dehydration, overheating, and heart palpitations. We are sure that you wouldn’t want to look forward to them.

What is the optimum duration for sauna sessions?

Well, the answer will depend. But, to be on the safest side, you shouldn’t use a traditional sauna or a steam room for more than 15-20 minutes. If you are using a dry sauna or an infrared sauna, try to keep the sessions below 45 minutes.

Another thing to note is your personal tolerance level. If you feel that a 10 minute or 20-minute session works best for you, do not stress yourself in making it longer.

Newcomers into the sauna scene always think about pushing themselves towards a 30-minute mark. But that isn’t the right thing to do. It can seriously push your body towards crashing. You should take 5-10 minute sessions initially and gradually increase the duration as your body’s tolerance rises. This also helps your body to adapt to the sauna and keep away the chance of dehydration.

Hence, make sure to ask yourself the basic things before starting on long sauna sessions. We always love those experiments, but we also want you to be healthy. Short and beautiful sauna sessions help you relax, and we are sure that the duration will work perfectly for you.

Also, do not forget to take time to ease yourself into one of the best things that humanity has known. Now, get yourself to a sauna and start experiencing the benefits.

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