Carbon vs Ceramic Infrared Sauna: What Will Suit YOU Best?

The basic principle of operation of both carbon and ceramic infrared sauna is the same: they both have heaters emitting infrared light that warms up the body, or surrounding air, to stimulate sweating. 

The key difference is the type and no of heaters a sauna has.

Carbon fiber heaters are more advanced, and therefore, better than ceramic heaters in many aspects. Ceramic heaters, on the other hand, still have one or two advantages that carbon heaters cannot beat.

Carbon vs Ceramic Infrared Sauna: How Are They Different or Similar?

Let’s find out – 

1. Cost

Carbon heaters being more advanced and technologically superior cost much higher than ceramic heaters. However, the former (carbon heaters) are closing the gap.

Ceramic heaters may come relatively cheaper, but they would cost more in the long run as they have to be replaced time after time.

2. Heat Distribution

With ceramic infrared heaters, the heat distribution is not even. The points directly in front of the heaters are at a higher temperature than the points far away. These heaters are beneficial for healing a particular part of the body.

On the other hand, with carbon heaters, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the sauna. Also, they can detoxify the body more efficiently as the longer-wavelength infrared waves penetrate the body deeply.

Ceramic vs Carbon Infrared Saunas

3. Surface Area

The uneven distribution of ceramic heaters is primarily due to the size of filament. 

In ceramic heaters, the filament is long and therefore has a less surface area, whereas carbon heaters have large flat panels to cover a wide surface area. 

4. Warm-up Time

One of the biggest ceramic heater advantages is that it heats the sauna quickly. They take roughly 10 minutes to make the sauna ready for a bathing session as ceramic radiates infrared waves at a higher rate than any other material. 

So are ceramic heaters better?

Not quite. Studies show that carbon heaters take more than 25 minutes to heat up the sauna. But they heat the body more intensely and penetrate the infrared waves deeper. Therefore carbon heaters are more efficient than ceramic heaters. 

5. Durability

The heat produced by carbon heaters lasts longer. It has to do with the fact that they don’t operate at high temperatures to heat-up the body.

Ceramic heaters are already fragile, and operating at temperature make them brittle too. And so, they crack and shatter with time. However, due to their low cost, they can be easily replaced.

The average life expectancy of carbon heaters is roughly near to 80,000 hours. However, for infrared sauna ceramic heaters, it is about 5000 hours. 

6. Energy-Efficiency

Carbon heaters don’t have to operate at high temperatures to ensure an intense sauna session. So, they don’t draw more than the necessary power. 

Ceramic heaters have to do so to compensate for the cold spots. And therefore, the sauna having them adds heavily to the utility bills. 

With that we come to the end of carbon vs ceramic infrared sauna. And we hope that now you can tell the difference between a ceramic and a carbon sauna.

So, Which Is Better Carbon or Ceramic Infrared Sauna?

Both carbon and ceramic infrared sauna have pros and cons. But considering everything, carbon fiber heaters are better than ceramic fiber heaters as they are more advanced and technologically superior.

However, for buyers on a tight budget, infrared ceramic heaters are most suitable. But if you want the best bang for your buck, you should opt for carbon heaters.

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