How often should you go to the sauna?

Going to the sauna is all about training your body. The first few days of your sauna session might be unbearable because of the heat. Sauna sessions can be a delight during the winter months, but to get its full benefits, you will need to continue the sessions even in the summer months.

Spacing out your sessions helps the body get used to the fact that you will be a regular at the sauna room. Also, you need to relax in a sauna rather than turning it into a redundant chore. We want you to be excited when you are going to these sessions. Moreover, a happy body translates to a happy soul.

We recommend you rest for 36-48 hours in between two sauna sessions. The gap gives your body an ample amount of time to get rid of any stress that has been caused inside the sauna. Don’t worry about losing any benefits, as the effects of heat therapy last in your body for a long time.

Hence, a gap of this length should give you three to four sauna sessions in a week. If you use a high-temperature traditional sauna, you can bring it down to two or three sessions per week.

Similarly, people who use infrared saunas at a low-temperature setting can go for five sessions a week. People who are going for four to five sauna sessions a week should stick to a single long session rather than breaking it into smaller ones.

Apart from taking enough breaks between the sauna sessions, you also need to pursue a healthy lifestyle. For instance, having alcohol between the session days can reduce the benefits you receive from the sessions.

You will need to chalk out a healthier lifestyle that allows a richer track to improve your body inside out. We will also recommend you to keep your hydration under check, and it is a must to drink at least ten glasses of water or 2 litres of water daily.

Why shouldn’t you take too many sessions?

Won’t our body benefit from seven sauna sessions in a week? No, it won’t! Even though the heat therapy coming from saunas has the power to heal your body, too much heat can also damage your body. Too many sauna sessions without any break can cause dehydration in your body.

Along with it, your body may get fatigued from the high heat and lose its desire to participate in sauna sessions. Relaxing is very important to give your body an adequate amount of rest. Taking too many sessions can build up heat stress in your body. It can adversely affect the balance of your body and wreak up your sleep schedule.

The best thing you can do is consult a health professional who has experience handling queries about saunas. They can help you out with knowing more about going to a sauna and aid you in creating the perfect sauna schedule.

One thing that we should remember is that everyone is unique in their ways. Sauna works great for everybody, but the tolerance level does differ between people. Hence, we need to let our body adapt to the situation rather than pushing it to an uncomfortable limit.

People who are just starting with sauna should stick to two sessions in a week. Gradually you will realise the need of your body, and you can change the schedule accordingly. Now, go and have fun in a relaxing sauna session without thinking much about the timetable.

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