When Is The Best Time To Have A Sauna?

Is there a particular time when a sauna session is more effective? Sadly no. There is no specific time in which the sauna will magically benefit your body. However, it is best to avoid going to the sauna right after you wake up or before you go to bed. Heat can be a little daunting on your body, so it is best to give yourself some rest time after and before you use the sauna.

You can choose to visit a sauna any time of the day. This process becomes more manageable for those who have a sauna at their home. But, people who have to use the gym or club sauna will need to chalk out a schedule. We recommend you choose a convenient slot for yourself and follow the schedule. If you are an early riser, then talk to the club about availing yourself the earliest slot to get the best start to your day.

But, most people will have to go into work mode after they wake up. One of the best things you can do is combine your exercise and sauna sessions. If you exercise for 30-60 minutes, then after resting for 20-30 minutes, you could follow up with a sauna session.

This works out well for those clubs and gyms with both a sauna and a workout area. If you are someone who does a lot of weight training, a sauna session after the workout can help to ease your muscles.

Should you go to a sauna when you are sick?

We will recommend you against going to a sauna if you are running a fever or are already very sick. But, if you find yourself sneezing or lightly coughing (and don’t have COVID!), it might actually be beneficial to visit a sauna to kill off the bacteria or virus. But if you’re planning on doing this, please visit the sauna when no one else is around.

In this way, no one else will fall sick if you happen to have the flu. In case of nasal congestion, it is best to visit a steam room as the steam will help to ease your nasal passages. Do not try to push yourself to get a sauna session as it will have adverse effects on your body.

You may visit a sauna after you have gotten over being sick. Always remember to drink ample amounts of water before and after the sauna session. If you happen to feel dizzy or nauseous inside a sauna, it is best to discontinue the session and give yourself rest for the next 48 hours.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is any pre-existing diseases that might restrict you from using a sauna. It may include hypertension and cardiovascular issues, which can worsen if a person visits a sauna. One of the things we recommend is to do a complete body checkup before you plan to avail yourself of regular sauna service.

It will help you determine any physical hindrances towards going to a sauna and providing you with a fair warning.

So to sum up, there is no fixed time for going to a sauna. After going to multiple sauna sessions, you will get a hint of the time that works best for your body. It doesn’t matter if you are an early morning sauna goer or a late evening sauna goer.

If you follow the correct steps, the sauna will invariably be effective for your body. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated, and we can guarantee that you will enjoy the benefits of all the sauna sessions.

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