What should I Wear In The Sauna?

Have you ever wondered about the right kind of clothes that you should wear to a sauna? Most people will tell you to wear your gym clothes or maybe a swimming costume, but that wouldn’t be the best idea. An essential part of going to the sauna is wearing the right clothes.

Your clothes are crucial for your skin to breathe. Natural fibers help our skin to have even breathing, while artificial clothes like polyester can restrict breathing.

Should you wear swimsuits or gym clothes to the sauna?

At first glance, a swimsuit may appear the best option when visiting a sauna. However, they seldom are a good choice as swimsuits are generally made of artificial materials.  The material restricts your skin from breathing, which will make your sauna sessions ineffective. Also, most swimsuits are body-hugging, which can prevent the skin from sweating. 

We will also advise you against wearing body-hugging workout clothes. Synthetic materials like polyester are pretty restrictive and may hinder your skin’s breathing. Apart from that, these clothes can also be uncomfortable when in hot environments. Still, if you are keen on wearing workout clothes, try something made of cotton that is loose-fitting.

What about bringing your towels? 

We will suggest you bring your towels while visiting a sauna. It is essential to maintain hygiene, and carrying a towel helps you wipe the sweat you will soon make. Try to use a towel made from cotton as they are very absorbent. Many people also like to wear a towel around their body as it is more comfortable and provides some modesty depending on the towel size. It also may be a good idea to check the dress policy of the sauna before rolling up with just a towel and nothing else!

So what should you wear?

So you know what you shouldn’t wear while in the sauna, but what should you wear? What you can wear depends quite a bit on where the sauna is.  If you’re going to a public sauna, they will have their own rules, so you should check with them what they allow and don’t allow. 

You can, of course, go full-on-nude if you’re using a private sauna or in your own home, but assuming you want to wear something while in the sauna, here are some basic rules to follow while choosing an outfit:

●     Choose clothes that are made from cotton. It is one of the best materials because of its breathability as well as being a good material for absorbing your sweat. Cotton doesn’t get too hot, and it will never burn your body. Cotton clothes make you feel comfortable, and they are extremely lightweight. You can even wear a robe made of cotton, which is quite comfortable.

●     Pick loose clothes that do not hug your body. If you are uncomfortable wearing a robe, the best alternative is a loose T-shirt and boxers. It is best to avoid full coverage clothes as they may restrict your skin from feeling the heat. Another tip is to avoid wearing tight underclothes like bras and stretchy underwear. Body-tight clothes are not only uncomfortable, but they can also restrict your blood flow. Loose and flowy clothes are great for feeling relaxed while having your sauna session.

●     It is best to avoid covered footwear while going to a sauna. We recommend you wear flip-flops in a public sauna to avoid any bacteria that might be present on the floor.

●     Another thing that we should mention is that you should wear fresh clothes during a sauna session. Many people attend sauna sessions in their gym clothes, but we would suggest that you don’t do that. The bacteria and dirt present in your used clothes may enter your body if you sit in a sauna with soiled clothes, and you’re at a greater danger for contracting fungal infections such as ringworm.

Follow these tips to wear the most comfortable clothes during a sauna session. We can assure you that the session will feel great because of wearing the right clothes. Another tip for a home sauna is to carry a loofah with you.  Using the loofah on your skin while in the sauna can be quite stimulating. It will also help to scrub dry skin. However, you may want to skip the loofah in a public sauna.

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