Important Pre-Sauna Advice

Do you want to hit the sauna and enhance your health? Thinking about using the sauna for it’s awesome health benefits?  If so, then there are some basic things that you should probably consider before you get sweaty.

Even though using a sauna is one of the best things you can do for your health, many people do it in a way that’s not beneficial or in a way where they aren’t getting the best benefit. Utilising a sauna in the wrong way can even make the experience ineffective. Some people even complain that the sauna is not working for them, but they forget to follow some of the simple steps. 

6 Pre Sauna Tips

To make things easier for you, here is some pre-sauna advice, collated from our careful research.

Do not use the sauna one hour before or one hour after a meal

Are you thinking of hitting the sauna just after having your lunch? Doing this may restrict proper digestion. The reason behind this is that our blood plays an important role while we are in the sauna. 

If the blood is taken away from your internal organs, such as the digestive tract, then it may lead to improper digestion which leads to stomach problems. So, give yourself one hour or even two hours after eating.

Drink Plenty of Water

Before you enter the sauna, it is advisable to have two or three glasses of water to hydrate your body. This is better than sipping water inside the sauna as the water might get heated by the sauna itself so you have to drink hot water. Let your body completely relax inside the sauna.

Also don’t replace water with any sugary drinks or fruit juices – just drink plain water.  You can add a bit of pink or rock salt into the water (if you can stand the taste) as it will help your body to absorb the water. The water also helps in preventing your body from going into shock because of the sudden heat. 

If you have the time to prepare, you may even want to drink a liter of water slowly 1-2 hours before your visit to the sauna. Also, make sure to stay off the alcohol on the day you use the sauna as this can cause dehydration.

Take a Quick Warm Shower

One of the best practices to follow before entering a sauna is to take a quick bath or shower. A warm shower works best as it prepares your body for a relatively hot environment. The warm water also provides a boost to the blood circulation of your body. 

As it helps to increase the internal body temperature, the body doesn’t go into shock when you enter the heated environment. The warm water also helps to unclog your skin pores so that the skin can sweat better while you are inside the sauna.

Read the Instructions and Guidelines of Using the Sauna

Yes, it might be self explanatory, but it is very important to learn more about using the particular sauna you plan to use, especially if it’s a public sauna. Try to follow the guidelines as closely as possible, and do not shy away from asking for help.

If it is your first time using the sauna, make sure to make yourself as comfortable as possible. If you feel yourself becoming faint or are overcome with the heat, exit the sauna immediately – there’s no prizes for staying in longer than recommended!  To get more used to the experience, you can also take a friend on your first visit. As saunas are meant to be social, the constant conversation will help you to feel at ease.

Wear the Right Clothes

Many people might find it a little hard to get accustomed to wearing less for the sauna. It is best to wear loose-fitting cotton clothes inside the sauna. A bathing costume is also suitable – especially if there is a pool nearby.  You can also opt to wear a bathrobe that is made of cotton. Wearing a natural substance helps your skin to breathe and to get all the benefits from the heat.

Remove all Metal Jewellery

It is important to remove any metal object from your body as it can get quite hot. Other than that, the quality of the jewellery can also degrade due to the intense heat.

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