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Going to the sauna is one of the most beneficial things that you can do to your body. However, it is also essential to maintain the benefits that a sauna session has given you. It is important to remember that the benefits of a sauna session last longer than the 30-minutes that you have spent inside the heated room.

The sauna helps to get your body to a level that it can break into a sweat. It gets rid of toxins with sweat. As well as that, the internal heat of your body remains raised, which increases your metabolism.

Most people tend to focus on the pre-sauna checks, seldom do people think about the post-sauna requirements. They end up taking cold showers or sipping on sugary drinks that can be counterproductive to the beneficial sauna sessions.

So, here we have jotted down a list of post-sauna care tips that will help enhance the benefits of the sauna session that you have just finished.

4 Important pieces of Post Sauna Advice

Cooling Off after Sauna:

It is essential to let yourself slowly cool down after having a sauna session. Many people take a cold shower immediately after getting out of a sauna, but it is best to wait at least 30-60 minutes before doing so. After the sauna session is over, go to a relaxing place and sit for a while.

Resting after the sauna sessions helps your heart rate to come down. If you like to break down a long session into multiple sessions, try to shower after you have finished cooling down from the final sauna session. Make sure you drink enough water in between sessions to keep yourself hydrated.


After coming out of a sauna session, it is essential to get yourself hydrated. Water helps in rehydrating your body and also cools it down. However, it would help if you didn’t gulp down a lot of water at once. As you are cooling off from the session, take your time and just sip the water.

Also, it is best to stick to room temperature plain water rather than drinking juice or sugar-based drinks. If you can, add a bit of Himalayan pink salt to your water. The salt has many minerals, and it will help you replenish the minerals that you might have lost with all the sweating.

Showering after Sauna:

Yes, it is a great idea to shower after a sauna session. It helps get rid of the dirt and sweat that you might have accumulated during the session and ensure you don’t stink for the rest of the day! Taking a bath also helps get rid of the extra sebum that might be present on your skin. Showering or bathing also prevents the formation of pimples or boils, which are often the consequence of the build-up of dirt and oils.

As mentioned above, make sure to let yourself cool down before you take a shower. An alternative if you have time is to take a nice long bath with your favorite bath salts. To enhance the detoxification process from the sauna session, you can always take a 12-20 minutes Epsom salt bath.

Planning the post-sauna meal:

It’s common to experience an increased hunger after sauna sessions. The sauna increases the metabolism of your body which leads to the increased appetite. However, this isn’t a sign that you can feed on everything that comes your way. It is important to have a clean meal after a sauna session.

We will also recommend you to wait for at least an hour before eating. Try to fill the meal with fresh fruits and vegetables along with a rich protein source. Salads should work great as a post-sauna meal. Have a balanced meal with enough calories to replenish your nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It is also better to leave out caffeine and alcohol after a sauna session.

Another option you can consider if you have the time is to go for a relaxing massage session, but if you’re going to do this, I recommend doing so before showering because you’re just going to have oil rubbed into your clean skin.

Regular practice of good pre and post-sauna care will ensure you get the most out of your sauna sessions.

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