How Many Sessions Per Sauna Visit?

Did you know that many people prefer to have multiple sauna sessions on every visit? Even we had to dig deeper into the matter to know the real reasons for which numerous sessions might be necessary. Those who cannot stand a sauna session for too long are recommended to have more frequent but shorter sessions.

How are sauna sessions broken up?

Some people prefer to break their sauna sessions into two or three sessions to help them relax.  For instance, if someone wants to attend a sauna session for 30 minutes, they can try to break the single long session into three 10-minute long sessions.

You can also take a 5-minute break in-between the sessions to help your body cool down a bit. Some people are fond of taking a cold show during the lay-off time, but in general, I would advise against it unless you have a specific reason for doing so. Cooling off after being inside a warm place can place a large shock on your body.

The main reason for breaking a single sauna session into multiples is because of the body’s ability to take the heat. Many people believe that taking breaks will help in making the sauna sessions more effective.

We have yet to find any evidence that supports this, but we do think that breaking a single tedious session into smaller durations can be helpful for those who are sensitive to heat. Adequate rest between the smaller sessions can give you time to hydrate. This system can also work well for beginners that are using a sauna for the first time.

How to make the smaller sessions more effective?

The first thing you should do is to check the temperature level of the sauna. This will be more important in the case of a traditional sauna compared to an infrared sauna. The recommended duration of one long session in a traditional sauna or steam room is 15-20 minutes.

We recommend you break it into two sessions of 7 minutes or 10 minutes. Take an adequate break between the two shorter sessions, which can last for anywhere around 5-15 minutes. However, do not wait for too long as you can lose the benefits of the first session.

As the temperatures are lower in an infrared or far-infrared sauna, the recommended session length is about 25-45 minutes for a long session. We advise you to break it into no more than two small sessions.

Also, make sure to take longer breaks compared to the traditional sauna sessions. For instance, if you are going for two 20 minute long sessions, take a break of 20-30 in-between the short sessions.

What can you do during the break?

Some people jump into a cold shower when they take a break, but it is best not to do that. Our body needs to reach an equilibrium after getting out of a too hot or too cold place. Jumping into a cold shower after a sauna session can shock your body.

We will always advise that you stay hydrated. Many people also like to exercise during their break, but I personally prefer sitting and resting – perhaps meditate for a while. A break between the sessions can give your body the needed rest and lets you have some time to relax.

A single sauna session broken down into multiple sessions may not work for people visiting a sauna for a long time. As our body adapts to the heat and the environment of a sauna, it benefits more if we sit in a single long session. Many people also ask about the number of sessions they should have in a week.

If you are on a holiday trip to a spa destination, we will recommend having at least three to four sessions per week to get your body used to the experience. If you have regular access to a sauna, it’s best to have five sessions per week, and you can keep the sessions short at 15-20 minutes.

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