Does sauna help inflammation?

Chronic inflammation leads to acute body pain, leaving individuals desperate for pain relief. In addition, owing to inflammation, the body loses its natural capability to heal itself and falls helpless against the foreign elements that might attack the body. Overall, chronic inflammation affects the quality of life and thus requires immediate attention. 

Fortunately, sauna therapy, especially infrared sauna, has proved highly effective in dealing with the effects of inflammation, the root cause of numerous other ailments. 

Which Type of Sauna Help with Inflammation?

Both infrared and traditional saunas are ideal for reducing inflammation. However, of the two, infrared is the most effective. Infrared is mostly heat. The heat energy from the infrared sauna penetrates the skin better and helps in reducing inflammation. 

In addition, the heat from infrared saunas relieves the core triggers like stress and toxins and promotes better blood circulation, thereby detoxifying the body throughout the day. 

As per Dr. Will Cole, the author of The Inflammation Spectrum, inflammation is the root of many chronic diseases, including Type 2 diabetes and autoimmune ailments, digestive issues, and brain problems. 

Thus, infrared sauna can prove effective for dealing with these chronic diseases as it has proved effective for treating inflammation. 

How Does Sauna Help?

Besides reducing inflammation, thereby helping in treating a gamut of lifestyle diseases, sauna also has numerous other benefits. The most important and valuable of them are: 

Provides Pain Relief: If you don’t believe us, surely you will believe Lady Gaga, who swears that regular sauna helped her with her chronic pain. Besides, research conducted by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine examined how sauna sessions can be used to relieve pain and other symptoms associated with headaches and hypertension. Thirty-seven participants were treated with sauna for eight weeks, and there was a significant improvement in their pain relief. Furthermore, the study concluded that any chronic pain could be treated with regular sauna sessions. 

Helps to Relax our joints: Due to the high heat of the sauna, our body releases endorphins or happy hormones that tranquilize the body, thereby minimizing joint pain and soreness that might arise from intense workout sessions. Thus it’s advisable for sportspeople to take regular sauna sessions to ensure the wellbeing of their body. 

Stimulates proper blood flow to our muscles: As the body temperature rises due to the heat, the blood vessels dilate, increasing blood circulation. This increased blood flow enhances the body’s healing process, which significantly strengthens the muscles by providing sufficient blow flow. 

Some Other Ways to Reduce Inflammation

It is possible to control and even cure inflammation through a healthy diet and lifestyle. While you may need to talk to your doctor, you can start with a few simple but yet effective methods of inflammation reduction. 

Adopting an Anti-Inflammatory Diet: 

The food you consume is as important as the medicines and supplements you take to protect your health from inflammation. So, be sure to include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet along with omega fatty acids. 

Some of the best sources of omega fatty acids are cold-water fishes like tuna salmon and other sources like flaxseed, walnuts, tofu, and soybeans. At the same time, cut down on the consumption of refined sugar. 

A Mediterranean diet plan is the perfect example of an anti-inflammatory diet as it includes a lot of Veggies, fruits, fish, and whole grains. 

Drinking Adequate Amount of Water

If your body is dehydrated, your organs will get negatively impacted. This includes your bladder, heart, brain, and skin. 

It has also been identified that fluid imbalance also leads to inflation in the body. Thus it’s essential to drink at least three liters of water daily without fail. 

In addition, drinking sufficient water helps in toxin elimination and helps with the digestion process. This, in turn, helps with the proper management of inflammation. 

Fixing Your Sleep Routine 

Research shows that lack of sleep raises inflammation levels. Participants of the study who were sleep-deprived for 24 hours showed signs of increased inflammation activity. 

Even partial sleep deprivation and insufficient sleep, two of the most common issues faced by many in their daily lives, raise inflammation conditions in the body. Thus it’s essential to sleep for at least five hours daily.  

Exercising when possible 

You already know the benefits of regular exercising. When you exercise daily, you are helping your body develop healthy cellular functions, which proves very effective in dealing with the markers of inflammation. You can choose any type of exercise you want. 

Be it a brisk walk, a simple yoga routine, or an intensive cardio workout like Zumba/Pilates. All these exercises will have a long-term impact on your body. Since exercises help in the development of muscle mass, in healthy weight maintenance, and lowers stress levels, it provides anti-inflammatory support in the long run. 

Dry Brushing the Skin

The lymphatic system in the body is responsible for eliminating cellular waste. These lymphatic tubes collect the waste from the tissues and transport them to the blood, eliminating the waste. This entire process is called lymphatic drainage. 

However, when the lymphatic system does not function properly, waste and toxins can build up. Thus, lymphatic congestion is one of the prime factors that lead to inflammation and disease. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and allows it to eliminate toxins better. 


Sauna sessions have multi-fold benefits. From enhancing blood circulation to keeping one energized, sauna sessions have proved to improve one’s life quality. Recent studies have also shown how potent it is for dealing with inflammation. 

Thus, if you face any inflammation-related issues, do consider taking regular sauna sessions in addition to following your doctor’s advice. 

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