Does sauna help acne?

Don’t we all dream of having great skin? Most of the time, we face situations where our skin doesn’t behave the best. This is especially true for our facial skin, which can often break out into acne.

There was a time when acne was the tell-tale sign of reaching your teen years. However, the rising pollution and our erratic lifestyle have changed things up. More and more people are suffering from adult acne, and they are in dire need to find a solution.

People who have an idea about the benefits of a sauna will know that it works like a charm for your skin. The heat in a sauna can truly pull out your toxins and give you amazing skin. Do you think it will work similarly for acne-prone skin?

Well, technically yes. Sauna does help acne, but you also need to take care of your overall lifestyle and diet as well to get the best results. I will explain it in detail in this article. 

Let us find out more about acne and the ways in which you can enhance your skin without getting into trouble.

What causes acne?

Acnes are perplexing to most of us as these unnecessary eruptions often come out of the blue. Even after cleaning your face daily, you may be greeted with an unwelcome pimple on the worst spot. Teenagers might be a tad careless about their skin, but adults surely aren’t. Then, what causes these nuisances?

Well, the answer isn’t as easy as it may seem. Acne is the way through which your skin tells you that it needs better cleaning. If you have a closer look at your facial skin, you will see tiny hair.

Each hair rises from a hair follicle, and when these tiny pores get clogged, it gives rise to acne. These blockages are usually caused by a mix of sebum and dirt. However, other things like pollution, stress, a bad diet, and unbalanced hormones can also cause acne.

Will going to a sauna cure your acne?

Now, even though saunas are great at battling many issues, they cannot be the one-stop solution for acne. However, you can mix the use of sauna with a proper diet and lifestyle to change things up.

Now, even though saunas are great at battling many issues, they cannot be the one-stop solution for acne. However, you can mix the use of a sauna with a proper diet and lifestyle to change things up. As an acne breakout is often a mirror to your insides, so it’s better to have a mixed therapy.

Even though sauna sessions might not be a foolproof solution to acne, they can still be a path to battling your skin problems. Hence, we have come up with blended solutions and tips to help you fight acne. Following some of them will help in achieving a better skin that causes the least amount of trouble.

Tips to beat acne with the help of a sauna and by reviving your health

Here are some tips that will surely help you in bettering from the inside out. It may take some time to get used to these, but you will surely see the results with time.

Proper Hydration

Are you someone who gets bored of drinking water? If yes, then it’s time to think about enhancing your hydration. The secret to good skin is good water, as it helps to get rid of toxins via sweat and urine.

Hydration is also important for sauna users, as it protects your body from losing too much water. Hence, if you aren’t drinking enough water, make sure to consume at least 2-3 liters daily. Also, try to add sugar-free flavoring or a few drops of lemon juice to make the water tastier.

Correct Temperature

Going to a sauna shouldn’t equate to sitting in unbearable heat. Too much warmth can actually aggravate the acne rather than healing it. So, it’s better to attend saunas that have a lower temperature setting.

Infrared saunas will heat you from the inside, so heat from infrared saunas doesn’t directly affect the skin. It performs just as well as a traditional sauna, and you will still sweat away from the toxins.

If you want to have a cooling effect, place a cold towel on your face while in the sauna, as it will help to cleanse the pores. We will suggest you ask a sauna facility about their temperature range before you visit them.

Cleanse Your Skin

It is extremely important to cleanse your skin before entering a sauna. Make sure to clean your whole body rather than just your face. It should be devoid of any makeup, moisturisers, or oils.

Taking a shower before your sauna will help the pores to de-clog, which prepares you for sweating. If you are someone who suffers from body acne, we will suggest you gently scrub your skin with a towel.

Eat Good Things

Even though this might not be directly related to the sauna, it is crucial to cleanse your palette of bad food. Spending an hour at the sauna doesn’t give you the leeway to enjoy unnecessary food. You should always be careful about putting things into your body.

Eating junk foods after the sauna can seriously trouble your skin as the body is still heated from the inside. We will recommend you to drink healthy and hydrating foods to indulge in well-being.

Maintain Hygiene

As saunas are supposed to be communal, most people will never think about hygiene. But, it’s one of the most crucial aspects of going into a sauna. Before you choose a facility, make sure that they have strict and regular cleaning schedules.

You should also wear good slippers to avoid direct contact with the floor. It’s always best to carry your towels rather than using the ones available at a facility. If possible, you should also cleanse yourself via a shower ten minutes after the session. Make sure to avoid cold showers as they may shock your body.

We know that dealing with acne isn’t the easiest thing on earth. Most of the time, it is gruelling to deal with a problem that can even lead to marks on your beautiful face. Follow our tips to keep your skin acne-free in the sauna.

Additionally, we will advise you to see a dermatologist if you are having persistent issues. At times nothing can beat going to a professional. Other than that, having clear and glowing skin is never a problem with the sauna.

Now, go and give your skin the treatment that it deserves!

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